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What to Expect

Step One


Arrival & Paperwork

Upon arrival, you are warmly greeted and given some paperwork to complete that involves answering questions about your health history. This gives us an understanding of how we can best serve your needs. To save time, you are welcome to fill this out beforehand and bring it with you. Otherwise, please allow 10-15 minutes to complete it in office.


Tour of the Office

After handing in your paperwork, you will be given a brief and informative tour, to help you get to know our office and feel more at home.



Following your tour, we will sit down for a one-on-one consultation to go over your health concerns and how we can help you to reach your health goals.



We will then discuss nerve interference, and how neurologically-based chiropractic care can facilitate healing throughout the body.



With our state-of-the art diagnostic technology, we are able to evaluate the location and severity of nerve interference. Our goal is to discover the root cause of your health concerns and get an exact understanding of how your body is functioning. This allows us to be specific and provide you with the best care possible.



The final step for your first appointment may be digital x-ray. We take specific chiropractic postural x-rays so we can see the exact structure of your spine and its problem areas. Our in house state-of-the art digital x-ray technology is very safe, specific and cost effective.

Step Two


Report of Findings

At your follow-up visit, we will provide more information about chiropractic, our technique and expectations for care. We will review all findings from your previous visit, and discuss individualized care recommendations that will best allow you to meet your unique health needs and goals.


First Adjustment

Following your doctor’s report, you will have the opportunity to receive your first adjustment at Balanced Life Chiropractic! Dr. Harley provides specific and gentle adjustments that are safe and effective for infants, older adults and everyone in between.

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